our History

The coffee industry is known for being populated with eccentric personalities. In 1995, Gary Karnes, an eccentric in his own right, became frustrated with the bitter, inconsistent coffee available in and around his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Gary traveled to Corvallis, Oregon and under the guidance of Mr. Sivetz,  inventor of the air roaster, learned to craft the perfect roast. He brought this newfound knowledge and his entrepreneurial spirit back to Lincoln and opened The Coffee Roaster, Lincoln’s first air roasting facility. Since then he has been providing the people of Lincoln and surrounding areas with the opportunity to brew their own perfect cup using high quality beans. In 2014, Gary decided it was time to move on and pass his knowledge and passion along to his daughter, Sam, and her husband, Vince. Together they have rebranded the company and launched into the digital age! With a new vision and fresh ideas, Sam and Vince are now proudly providing coffee to happy customers throughout the United States, and will continue to do so until they too pass it along to the next generation.

Our Technique

Traditional roasting methods can sometimes leave a burnt, bitter aftertaste. This is why at The Coffee Roaster, we use Fluid Bed Technology to roast our consciously sourced beans. Using our ASHE air roaster, we fluidize the coffee beans in a stream of hot air. As they toss and turn, unwanted by-products (chaffe and undersized beans) are sucked into a collector and not burnt up in the roasting process, which is what leads to that burnt aftertaste. In addition, our roasting process is faster than a drum cylinder roaster. This means the oils that give coffee it's delicious and complex flavors are not reduced due to extended roasting times, and are instead retained inside our beans. Once the beans have finished roasting, they are dumped into a forced air cooling system. Here they are quickly cooled to prevent further roasting and are cool to the touch within minutes.